The Exeter & District Radio Control Club does not charge members for providing flying tuition and technical guidance. The building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft is a technical hobby which can provide tremendous satisfaction for those involved.  Whether this is the building and flying of scale models, flying precision aerobatics, or just the fun of flying any other types of model aircraft.

The club has experienced flying instructors who provide training towards achieving the BMFA “A” and “B” certificates of flying competence.  “Dual-control” transmitter systems are used for all initial flight training.  Novice members are required to provide their own model aircraft and radio control equipment before commencing a course of  instruction. All instruction is provided at a pace to suit the students capability, although training periods are always governed by the weather conditions.  All club flying instructors are volunteers who receive no payment, and provide training in their own time to benefit newcomers to the hobby.

It is recommended that prospective members discuss their choices of model aircraft and radio control equipment with our instructors BEFORE rushing out to buy anything. This is because many model aircraft  and radio control systems available in the shops and via the internet  are unsuitable for training purposes, and offer poor value for money.  Pre-owned model aircraft and well tested radio control equipment are often available for sale, and are advertised on the “For Sale” pages of this website.

Although some members have CRB clearance for providing model flying instruction, it is a club rule that the parent(s) or guardian(s)  must supervise the activities of their children at all times when at the flying site,  Unless, there is a prior agreement with a club member of,  “In Loco-Parentis” with the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the  Junior member(s) concerned.

The BMFA “First Time Inexperienced Flyer” Scheme

Any person who is a complete novice may receive basic instruction and experience flying a “trainer” type of model aircraft, or glider, on up to three occasions, at no cost to themselves, using a dual-control radio control system.  In this way, someone who is not a member of the BMFA  or the E&DRCC, may see if they will enjoy the hobby.  They will be indemnified at these times by our comprehensive BMFA insurance cover.

Flying Instruction

Flying instruction normally takes place at weekends, (weather permitting). Other periods of flying training and technical instruction may be undertaken at other times to suit the circumstances of the pupil and instructor.  Arrangements are sometimes made to conduct  flying instruction at alternative flying sites.