The Club

The Exeter & District Radio Control Club has been in existence for over 65 years.  The E&DRCC  had previously flown at Exeter Racecourse for 24 years until November 2010, when the racecourse was sold to the Jockey Club. Our lease was then terminated and we had to cease flying there.  After an extensive search, a suitable field was found near to Kingsteignton with a landowner willing to accommodate us.  The club then worked with the Teignbridge District Council Planning Officers to obtain planning permission, and the subsequent commissioning of “Wrayford Field” by members for use as a model flying site.

On Saturday 1st October 2011, the E&DRCC was  “flying high” again from our new flying site at Wrayford Field.  It was a warm, sunny day with a light breeze.  An absolutely perfect day for model flying.

The Club is afilliated to the British Model Flying Association and we have about 50 members of all ages, and flying abilities.  (Our youngest member is 10 years old and our oldest honorary members are now in their 90’s).  We fly many types of IC. engine powered and electric powered model aircraft as well as gliders. Some members also fly helicopters and control line models.  Due to the proximity of valuable livestock and extensive crops, the flying of gas turbine jet powered models is NOT permitted.

All memberships run to the 31st of December in any one year. For those joining the club after 1st July, there is a 50% reduction in the membership subscription, and for those joining after 1st October, there is a 75% reduction in subscription. Membership details may be obtained from our membership secretary, Andy Paterson.

To ensure that every flying member of the E&DRCC has adequate third party liability insurance, it is a condition of membership that they must also be members of the British Model Flying Association. Membership of the BMFA includes first party insurance injury cover to £35,000. and  third party  insurance cover up to £25,000,000. They must also be registered with the CAA to operate an unmanned aircraft. Cost of registeration for the CAA is £10.33.

Membership can be arranged via the E&DRCC membership secretary for no extra premium. BMFA Senior membership (from Jan 1st 2024 to 31st Dec 2024), is £47.00 pa. and Junior membership (under 18 years) is: £20.00 pa.

The BMFA also offers reductions in membership fees for Senior and Junior members joining later in the year.

The BMFA publishes an excellent bi-monthly magazine, and E&DRCC members receive regular Club Newsletters.

Club cabin