Busy Hands

Due to the lockdown many members have either bought new planes or deceided to build from scratch or even gone up into the loft to find planes that have been stored away for years and decided to finish them. Here are some of those planes.

Dave with his E-Flight Air Tractor (crop duster) 59 inch 4 cell

Alan with his Flair Pupetteer 60inch SC 52 FS engine Built

Ted with his Trixster Beam 50inch wingspan 3 channel built from kit

Cliff B, with his E-Flight P51D Mustang 1.5m 6 cell

Darren with his Hanger 9 SBack 60 inch 150 laser engine

Andy’s DB Tiger Moth, Saito FA 62B 4 stroke

Cliff H, with his 60inch Mannock 4 channel 4 cell built from kit

Terry with his 60inch Gloster Gladiator built from a “Complete-a-pac plan”. Still to be finished.

Neil with his E-Flight P51D 1.2m Mustang, 3 cell lipo.

Graham with his Hawker Hunter Mini jet EDF 3 cell built from plans.